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Top Ten Reasons for Being a 99
By Captain Karen Kahn

  1. Experience: Some mistakenly think this is a social organization for older women pilots - but it is so very much more! Get to know the players, and you'll find that 99s are experienced pilots from all areas of aviation, with histories and achievements that young pilots have only dreamt of. From jet airliners, helicopters, space shuttles, and business jets, to tail-draggers, air racing, soaring, aerobatics, and ballooning - you name it and there's a 99 doing it.
  2. Networking: We are more than 6000 women pilots worldwide, many of whom are doing or have done exactly what you hope to do in the future. We are eager to share our knowledge and experience with you, so contact us and we'll be happy to help you fly your dreams. Each of us can remember another 99 who helped us accomplish our goals and Pay it Forward is the name of the game.
  3. Education: The Ninety-Nines sponsor many large and small educational programs, from a few members discussing a specific flying topic at a chapter meeting, to sponsoring public aviation safety meetings and conferences.
  4. Friendship: Want to make friends in your new flying vocation or avocation? Meet women who share your interests by joining The Ninety-Nines. We're looking for you, too, and you'll find the new friendships to be very rewarding and enduring.
  5. Scholarships: From chapter awards and Future Women Pilot Awards for beginning pilots to the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships for advanced pilot training and aviation education, The Ninety-Nines have a scholarship that can help you achieve your goals in aviation.
  6. Understanding: Many of us have been through the same trials and tribulations when learning to fly or achieving advanced ratings. We have figured out ways around the obstacles and can help you with good ideas to get you moving forward. Share your concerns, ask for help, and take advantage of our knowledge and sympathetic ear.
  7. Recognition: Your victories and achievements, large and small, will get the recognition they deserve from your peer group. No reason to try to be one of the guys when you can shine as one of the gals.
  8. Encouragement: This natural part of women sharing with women is particularly useful since we fly in what is still mostly a man's world. Find your female role models and mentors here in The Ninety-Nines.
  9. Career Tips: Pilot-specific information, realistic solutions, mentoring, and career networking are just a few of the tangible rewards you'll find in your interactions with 99s in your local chapter and with other professional pilots throughout our organization.
  10. Acceptance: Being a 99s member guarantees your acceptance, regardless of your experience level. Chapters exist worldwide and you'll find the welcome mat is always out, wherever you may land. The Ninety-Nines are the Good Old Girls network we've all been hoping to create, here and now.


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