Next time you go flying you may notice markings pointing to the airport and will probably see the airport name painted on the airfield. This program of identifying airports to pilots was started as the National Air Marking Program.

Airmarkings are a national Ninety-Nines program with a long standing history throughout the United States.

Patty Livingston formerly of the AK Chapter and now of the MatSu Chapter has been our major general for a long, long time. Many hands have helped over the years.

The Alaska Chapter of the 99s has completed 34 airmarkings since 1982. The longest name was "Healy River" with "Dillingham" coming in as a close second.

  • 1982Merril Field (MRI)Original Airmarking of name
  • 1983Birchwood (ABV)Original Airmarking of name
  • 1984Palmer (PAQ)Original Airmarking of name
  • 1984Northway (ORT)Original Airmarking of name
  • 1985Gulkana (GKN)Original Airmarking of name
  • 1985Tok (6K8Original Airmarking of name
  • 1985Valdez (VDZ)Original Airmarking of name
  • 1985Soldotna (SXQ)Original Airmarking of name
  • 1986Kenai (ENA)Original Airmarking of name
  • 1988Talkeetna (TKA)Original Airmarking of name
  • 1989Homer (HOM)Original Airmarking of name
  • 1991Nome (OME)Original Airmarking of name
  • 1994Dillingham (DLG)Original Airmarking of name
  • 1995PolarisOriginal Airmarking of name
  • 1996Homer (HOM)New airmarking west ramp of name Remark compass rose east ramp
  • 1996Northway (ORT)Remark after new asphalt
  • 1997Healy RiverOriginal Airmarking of name
  • 1998Talkeetna (TKA)Remark
  • 1998Merril Field (MRI)Compass Rose (original)
  • 2000Gulkana (GKN)Remark
  • 2000Seward (SWD)Remark
  • 2001Wolf Lake (4KAWS)

Some airfields are redone more often than others due to the high amount of air traffic at those facilites. Talkeetna gets lots of General Aviation traffic transporting climbers to the Mt. McKinley base camp on the Ruth Glacier. Valdez averages over 60" of rain and 325 inches of snow per year.