Presented by the Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots - Alaska & Mat-Su Valley Chapters

Flying Companion Seminar

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Presented by the Mat-Su Valley Chapter and Alaska Chapter 99s

When: TBD

Where: Medallion Foundation, 1520 N Post Rd Anchorage, AK 99501

  • This seminar is designed for the spouse, friend, or frequent passenger who would like to learn more about flying to make them a more relaxed, helpful passenger, especially in an emergency situation. Men, women and mature teenagers are welcome to attend.
  • Participants will receive instruction in the following areas: basic navigation and navigation instruments, basic flight controls, use of aircraft radios and terminology, emergency procedures and survival. In addition participants will receive hands-on experience with a flight simulator and hand-held radios.
  • All instructors are licensed local women pilots with both instructional and flying experience. A Certificate of Completion will be presented at the end of the course. Proceeds from the seminar help fund scholarships for women pilots in Alaska.
  • Classes can be accomodated to meet special needs and clients including the State of Alaska, DNR, US Forest Service, or other state or federal agencies that routinely use and travel by small aircraft throughout Alaska.
  • At the bottom of this page you will find reviews of our seminars from previous attendeees.

Mail registration slip to:

Alaska Chapter 99s

PO Box 91962

Anchorage, AK 99509

Course fee includes continental breakfast, lunch, aircraft simulator exercise, radio exercise, and all supplies.

There will be a $15 cancelation fee if not notified 1 week ahead. No refund within 1 week of seminar.

*** Seating is limited to 30 participants ***

For more information, please contact: Kathy Tranum at / (907) 529-8585 (Anchorage)

or Sarah Downing at / (907) 745-8595 (Wasilla)

The Flying Companion Seminar

Flying Companion Seminars generally take place annually. They are the main fund raising events for the scholarships that the Alaska and Mat-Su Chapter 99s award to female pilots each year. In 2015, the Alaska and Mat-Su Valley Chapters had a very successful Flying Companion Seminar. The 99s instructors are well versed with their roles and attendees acknowledge and are appreciative of the excellent presentations and hands on work. Previous attendees of our seminars have varied backgrounds and interests in aviation which result in fun and enlightening conversations during the seminars.

A skilled Flying Companion will know:

  • Basic aircraft controls and how to use them.
  • The location of the emergency transmitter and survival equipment.
  • How to prepare for and exit an airplane during an emergency.
  • How to use the radio.
  • How to read a Sectional Chart.
  • GPS basics.
  • Basic first aid.
  • Survival strategies.
  • To be helpful or to keep quiet during an emergency. The pilot needs to focus.

Pilots expect passengers to:

  • Accept the nature of VFR flight and the possibilities of flight delay or cancellation of the trip.
  • Follow pilot’s instructions without question in the case of emergency.
  • To dress suitably in case of crash or emergency landing in route.
  • Comply with their directions as to loading the aircraft.
  • Not to pressure a pilot to fly during adverse conditions.
  • Remember these conditions may exist at the destination or enroute rather than where you are.
  • Not to compel the pilot to fly beyond his/her skill level.

Following are comments that we received on the evaluations from previous seminars.

why are you attending?

  • Friend/spouse request
  • Interested in becoming a pilot
  • To be a more helpful passenger
  • To learn emergency procedures
  • Ease fear of flying (white knuckle passenger)
  • To be a more comfortable passenger
  • Overview of flying, planning a cross country trip
  • General knowledge of small craft flying!

what subject was the most valuable to you?

  • Radio training
  • Simulator flying instruments
  • Instrument practice, radio communication
  • Simulation & radio, explanation of the instruments
  • Instruments / basic controls
  • Instruments, survival, communication lingo
  • Radio – becoming more used to it and less intimidated
  • All was really helpful & valuable! The simulator and landing was pretty exciting
  • Instruments and the UAA simulator
  • Simulators, radios, safety, all parts!
  • All of it was great. I think the emergency procedures was the most valuable
  • Navigation
  • Aviate, Navigate, Communicate” – knowing what to concentrate on in an emergency situation, and having the basic knowledge to do myself. “About the airplane” checklist is excellent
  • All, especially instruments, emergency plan
  • All! Felt lucky to use the “fancy” simulator of UAA

other comments

  • Best seminar yet! I retain about 25% each time! Thank you
  • Awesome class, should have done this a long time ago. May want to explain how to 'neutralize' plane after a turn, explain when teaching basic controls, then UAA simulator time would have made more sense.
  • Great presentation – thanks!
  • Very stimulating – extremely informative. Nice comfy instruction presentations – everyone very knowledgeable, Thank you.
  • This was great. I might even decide to become a pilot!
  • This is a wonderful class. I was never bored, even the 2nd time around ☺
  • Excellent class! Thank you!
  • Outstanding workshop!
  • Super, thanks so much!
  • Thank you for providing this seminar
  • In email, remind attendees of the class start time not just the registration time

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