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Alaska Women Pilots
Past Present and Future


Group picture from the Women Pilots of Alaska Book Signing

Standing (left to right): Sandi Sumner, Petra Illig, Pat Prentiss 99sInternational Vice President, Ellen Paneok, Phyllis Tate, Heidi Ruess, Dee Hanson, TQ LaClaire, Audrey Cole, Roberta Degenhardt.

Seated Center (left to right): Ruth Jefford, Pearl Chamberlain, Margo Cook, Ingrid Pedersen, Ruby Pappas.

Kneeling Front (left to right): Carol Redding, Charlotte Luckett, Dee Rice and Caren della Cioppa. (Photo by Jaimie Patterson-Simes)



Short Field Team 2010


Judy Foster with Mat-Su 99 Awards      10/05/06

Alaska Chapter Member Jean White
with CAP colleagues 1942 

Jean was a Charter member of the Civil Air Patrol

She is in front with black hair and no cap

Jean White, International Conference, August 2008  

Mat - Su Chapter Member Ruth Jefford

Ruth Martin Jefford, when she soloed at Lincoln, Nebraska
with an Arrow Sport with a Ford V-8 engine


Mat-Su Ninety-Nines Practice Gun Safety

Palmer Shooting Range

October 20, 2005


Jill Parson

Judy Foster

Gayle Kase

Lane Base



Mat-Su Ninety-Nines Introduce Aviation

Girl Scouts Susitna Council

2005 Mat-Su Women of Science

March 5, 2005


Jill Parson demonstrates lift

Judith Foster describes the airplane

A Brownie experiences vertigo

Gayle Kase teaches the flight simulator


Alaska State Aviation Trade Show

May 19-20, 2001


Helen Jones and Gunilla Hellsten

Outside FedEx hangar. Static display

Kay Hanks with visitor

Louise Gettman and Liz Kester

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