Short Field Seminar

Short Field Skills Assessment

These clinics are held annually to help pilots determine his/her skills and the parameters of their particular aircraft. This is your opportunity to see how many feet it really takes to get in and out of that exciting spot you marked last season.

Each pilot will make several landings and take offs. The runway distances will be measured for them and given to the pilot so she/he knows how much runway distance is required both for landing rollout and take off. This is not a contest; the information gained is for each pilot’s safety knowledge. This event is usually held in the early summer, specific date to be announced.

Sponsored by the Mat-Su Valley and Alaska Chapters of the Ninety-Nines, the purpose of the clinic is to review and improve your skills. The strip will be marked off every 100’ and after a ground review we will have sideline checkers to actually measure and record your take-off and landing distances. Participants are encouraged to fly their airplanes loaded as they would normally and can practice/compare with different loads and weight conditions as they wish.

This is a very unique training opportunity offered ONLY in Alaska due to our unique aviation environments and airports.

For more information please contact the chairperson.